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We are currently accepting commissions. Visit us on Etsy.
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Ben Watson, Vibrational Alchemist

Ben Watson (@bitpakkit)
- From his beginnings on stage with the theatrical and musically adept Cold War, touring and performing with the Caravan Stage Company, and a variety of solo and duo acts, Ben Watson has been on a path to ground his classical and acoustic roots in a new form of electronic and acoustic live performance.  This path lead to founding Vancouver's Aztek Media live PA breakout, touring and performing as @BitPakkit, and recently the ethereal and groundbreaking D1V1N1T1 project with Tim Clément

His approach to breaking genres and creating magical, thoughtful and sometimes disturbing spaces often moves us into places we know we have never inhabited and may never again, and has gained him recognition as an electronic "musician" in a world typically made up of DJs, producers, loopers and remix artists.

"Like The Chemical Brothers, Moby, and others before him, @bitpakkit – the stage name of Canadian electronic artist Ben Watson – is at the forefront of a musical revolution, fusing irrepressible beats with carefully selected samples and live instrumentation. Boasting an impressive arsenal of original material that ranges from minimalist grooves to embracing a full palette of colour and sound, bitpakkit’s approach to making music results in a collection of inspired, infectious beats that help the artist stand out from others in his field."
- Canadian Musican Magazine



D1V1N1T1 - Terra Divina - The Terra Divina album released on the summer solstice, 2019 by D1V1N1T1, comprised of Canadian multidisciplinary artists Tim Clément and Ben Watson, is a balanced exploration of what the external world offers our soul and the introspective space of our individual acquiescence.

Specifically, carefully composed and mastered layers of unusual ethnic musical instruments, aboriginal voices, spoken word and exotic field recordings from around the world are adeptly engineered over live electronic music performances. These are presented in a series of thematic movements designed to inform and stimulate deeper introspection into mystical realms and the divine spirit within us all.

Each song explores an aspect of what makes our lives and our tribes most memorable in the context of our individual and collective place in the universe, our role in society and our tight connection with our environment.


 D1V1N1T1 - Amore Divina - This project was put on hold by the COVID 19 situation in Canada, but not before completing one track - "I Am Mercury" (video below).


What's Next

We are currently in the studio working on a new album of music centred on pagan traditions blended with Celtic and Norse mythology and stories.  This is a departure from previous projects both in terms of style and content.  Sign up for the MyRitual newsletter below to be part of a sneak preview for the upcoming works.