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Beltane Wishes Altar

beltane bonfire cernunnos fae maypole myritual oonagh spiral goddess spring

April 30, 2020

On the eve of Beltane, our altar is dedicated to honouring the return of spring and the reunion of the Horned God Cernunnos and the original Spiral Goddess. Beltane represents the return of passion, vitality and hope. We also ask for the blessing of Airmid, ancient goddess of healing as the earth renews itself while we rest. May this time bring great reflection and manifestation of hope for a better world and healing for all. The rose and tulip petals and greenery are associated with spring and the celebration of Beltane. We’ve incorporated the Fae (also called Oonagh) as this is the time when the fairies return to our realm and we must offer them a gift for their grace. The fire in the cauldron pays homage to the “Beltane Bonfire Rituals'' where the people and livestock invoked blessings for the promise of an abundant spring. And lastly, the braided pink and green ribbons represent the masculine and femine aspects of Spring and harken to the MayPole from ancient times. They also allude to a personal ceremony that will take place on Beltane...as it is the time of new beginnings...stay tuned for more on that. Merry meet and blessed be.  


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