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Grateful, rejuvenated and inspired

Algonquin fairy forest goddess Gratitude lake of two rivers magic Nature rejuvenation vacation wicca witchcraft

Hello everyone! I can’t believe it’s the middle of August already and it feels like I haven’t posted in ages but we’re back at work now. We’re feeling very grateful and rejuvenated after taking a short break in beautiful Algonquin Park. It’s the first vacation we’ve taken since the whole “you know what” started and I was a bit nervous but the profound impact of being in the middle of woods was so beneficial that I’m very thankful for the experience. 

We’re blessed with a large and slightly wild backyard so I hadn’t felt deprived of nature during quarantine but I admit that I had forgotten the true difference between a suburban backyard and an actual forest.  It's how the forest makes you feel!  Forests envelope all your senses.  There’s the distinct scents of mother nature in all her glory, the feel of soft earth underfoot, stunning colours and more shades of green than you can imagine, air around you that somehow tastes clean, and only when you grow quiet do you hear the forest start to sing. From creaking trees to chattering birds and croaking frogs, you will hear a song of harmony that can only be found in the woods.  

Maybe it’s because I grew up on a Farm that being in nature always takes me back to very happy childhood memories of believing in fairies and the magic of the forest. 

Speaking of magic, we brought the gods and goddesses along with us because they deserved a break from looking good on the frontlines too!  We found some very magical spots in the forest for them to bless and absorb some of the forest magic. It also inspired us with new ideas for products and rituals that we hope to share soon, in particular our own herbal line.

In the forest, merry meet and blessed be.

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  • lisa on

    Magical experiences!!!

  • Lisa Tessman Harpell on

    This is incredible , you can feel the magic through your images and you devotion to magical things and expeinces.

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