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Earth Day Altar - 2020

April 22, 2020

Today’s altar is dedicated to Earth Day. It’s grounded in the Spiral Goddess, an ancient pagan goddess of the earth who holds a hematite in her hands allowing us to strengthen our connection to earth and each other through her. She’s supported on the left by the Tortoise which personifies water, the moon, the Earth, and immortality. The Tortoise is also associated with Creation and it is believed to bear the burden of the whole world on its back. On the right she is joined by the frog noted for its ability to live between worlds and unite land and sea. Both represent all animals and our connection to the earth on this important day. Our altar is also rooted in the World Tarot Card (from the Witches Tarot) where we see the Fool evolve through life to gain wisdom from what he has witnessed. Our wish today is that we as humans, represented by the Fool, have born witness to the healing of the earth during this time and that we are internalizing the lessons that we need to move forward in harmony with our planet.
Merry meet and blessed be.

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