We are currently accepting commissions. Visit us on Etsy.
We are currently accepting commissions. Visit us on Etsy.
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Winter is Coming...again.

frejya freya norse

Over the course of the winter, which is when we were first starting to design the new line of MyRitual Magical Things, we started working with a vegetable/plant based 3D printing filament that when printed had some of the visual properties of selenite and also resembled snow and ice.  In this series, we found that three of our pieces translated best and were likely perfect for a gamut of winter-y celebrations spanning from after Samhain to Imbolc.  Several of these have already been cleansed and they were all ready to go to our retail partner when the COVID-19 lockdown set us back.  Now we are offering them in a one-time package together with their fitted crystal (smoky quartz) on Freya's staff.  Take a look at these in the store and if you think you want something more than what is there, simply let us know what you would like customized (specific colours, crystals, etc) and we will gladly prepare them for use in your rituals.

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